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Little Bruins
by posted 09/22/2014

Click on the link to sign up .... not open to the public until tomorrow !!!! 


Forward this to your family, friends, neighbors anyone who wants to try hockey 


2014 Little Bruins Learn to Play Hockey Program

Little Bruins

Presented by Friendly's

The Boston Bruins are excited to kick off the 2014 Little Bruins Learn to Play Hockey program to help aspiring, youth hockey players develop their skills. Presented by Friendly's, the program is available to boys and girls ages 5-8. The program will be hosted at six different rinks across Massachusetts, with 50 participants at each rink. 

For only $100 ($360 retail value), the program includes full CCM equipment to keep, including skates, a professional fitting at MonkeySports Superstore in Norwood and four weeks of on ice instruction from Massachusetts Hockey coaches. Friendly's and the Boston Bruins, in partnership with Mass Hockey, CCM and MonkeySports, are thrilled to share their passion with the new generation of hockey players*.

All participants must register online. Registration will open on Tuesday, September 23 at 10AM ET. The registration link will appear on this page at that time. Locations will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Each player will receive the following CCM Hockey Equipment:

Little Bruins Equipment

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Shin Guards
  • Equipment Bag
  • Hockey Socks
  • Hockey Stick
  • Ice Skates
  • Little Bruins jersey

In order to receive your child's equipment, participants must attend equipment fitting at MonkeySports Superstore in Norwood, MA on Sunday, October 12. Once you have successful registered your child for the Little Bruins program, you will receive information on the fitting in a confirmation email. 

Pick Up Location:
MonkeySports Superstore
949 Providence Highway (Route 1)
Norwood, MA 02062

2014 Little Bruins Locations

10/19 & 10/26: 9:00AM
11/2 & 11/9: 12:20PM
5:00PM & 6:00PM
10/18, 10/25, 11/8: 2:30PM
11/1: 11:30AM

*Please note, skating lessons are highly recommended before the start of the Little Bruins Program. All children should be able to skate on their own, unaided. Please check in with your local rink on skating lessons before starting Little Bruins program. In addition, this program is intended for children who have not participated in an organized hockey program before. Children that have registered with a Massachusetts Hockey association previously are not eligible to participate in Little Bruins. 

Questions? Please contact   or call 617-624-1917.

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Article from USA Hockey
by posted 09/17/2014

12U: Perfection's Curse

09/12/2014, 1:15pm MDT
By Michael Rand - Special to USA Hockey

What can be done about youth players who are consumed by perfection at a young age?

When Bob Deraney heard the question, the longtime Providence College women’s hockey head coach was taken aback.

“Can you believe what you just said?” Deraney asked. “That 12-year-olds are worried about being perfect?”

As unbelievable as it might sound, it’s a real problem. As pressure mounts on players to distinguish themselves at younger ages, the simple joy of playing can be squeezed out of the hockey experience, leaving a higher-stress approach in its place, even at levels like 12U.

“We’ve stolen unstructured play from the youth of America,” Deraney said. “The backyard is your laboratory and the arena is your stage. But kids don’t do that anymore.”

How Did This Happen?

Deraney, who has daughters involved in competitive sports as well as a young nephew who is a talented hockey player, said he noticed a shift about 20 years ago. Scholarships and pro contracts became big-ticket items. Suddenly, a game that thrived on backyard rinks was looked upon not as a joy but as a set of skills to master.

“It changed when lots of money was being made,” Deraney says. “Then kids didn’t play for fun anymore, they played because they thought it would get them somewhere. And parents treat their kids as investments, which is an unbelievably sad statement.”

That lead parents and coaches – often one and the same – to get caught up in an ultra-competitive cycle.

“Players are always being evaluated,” Deraney said. “They’re cutting kids, trading kids. Where is the fun of just playing?”

Consequences of Trying to Be Perfect

It might seem counterintuitive, but the more kids strive for perfection and attempt to avoid mistakes, the more it can dent their confidence, Deraney said. As a result, the burnout rate climbs.

He’s seen it with his own college players – young women who raised in the same culture youth hockey players now find themselves.

“They’re expected to be perfect in every realm of their life – sports, school, everything. And the bar is unrealistic,” he says. “They lack confidence because they’re not measuring up. But if you’re doing your very best, isn’t that good enough?”

How Do We Change?

If trying to be perfect is the problem, the solution is flipping the script, Deraney said. We should be teaching kids that it’s okay to fail sometimes because it’s, ultimately, the path to success.

He uses an example from a different sport – basketball – to emphasize his point, recalling an old commercial featuring Michael Jordan in which one of the game’s greatest all-time players talks about how all of his missed shots and losses only made him stronger.

“If you’re afraid to take a risk, you’re afraid to dream,” Deraney said. “So I’ve always believed that I’m not looking at a player to be perfect. I’m looking at them to do their very best every day. And if they do that, they’re probably going to be very, very successful. That’s really what we focus on. It’s all about preparation, and you can’t be afraid to fail.”

That means we shouldn’t dwell on mistakes. We should, however, teach young players the value of making a mistake in a practice or game.

“If a kid makes a mistake, no problem. Do (the drill) again,” Deraney says. “I don’t think there’s room in sports for negativity. There’s no value in it. There is so much more value in ‘that’s okay, do it again.’”

Role of USA Hockey

USA Hockey has stressed many of the things Deraney speaks of in its American Development Model.

“That’s why I think the ADM is very special and important,” he says. “It’s allowing a kid to get on the ice and just play. It’s allowing for some unstructured play. Is it organized? Sure. But within that, they’re moving toward unstructured play.”

And when kids just play, they stop worrying about being perfect and start thriving.

“At younger ages, nobody is living or dying here,” Deraney says. “It’s a game. The more confidence they have, the more positive plays they’re going to make.”

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QYH Updates
by posted 09/11/2014

Just wanted to send a couple updates to everyone after the first week of the Season

First off welcome back I hope everyone had a great summer and is looking forward to great hockey season!



Reminder again payments were due to the hockey office Sept 1st  – please contact Bob Roche with any questions or concerns.


QYH Family Day this Saturday which will be located at the RINK this year which is different from years past.

Something we are hoping everyone will contribute to and participate in is our Equipment Swap, where you get to donate equipment that your son or daughter has grown out of and also pick some equipment up that you might need but just haven’t got to yet because hockey is EXPENSIVE ! Any leftover equipment will be pooled together and with equipment we already have at the rink we will start to put together full sets which we can let kids that want to try hockey the ability to do so without going out and purchasing all the equipment needed. We will try and do this a few different times throughout the season.

Family Day will also include: Food, Drinks, DJ, Bouncy Houses, Tattoos, Balloon animals, Shooting Station, Power Play Sports Discounted items for sale and more !


QYH Updates:

  • QYH will be running a Checking Clinic in the next 2 weeks or so for Pee Wee and Bantams – more info will follow.
  • House League games will start Oct 10th for Middle School and Oct 11th for Mites and Squirts
    • It’s not too late to sign up for House League, with the option of Practice and Games or just Games

We are looking for Coaches for House League teams

  • 2nd Coaches Meeting will take place on Tuesday October 14th upstairs in the Steven Barrett Media Room
  • Check the website for coach’s information under the COACHES TAB there is new information there regarding clinics, safesport, Bruins Coaching Symposium and more.

Schedules are starting to be imported into the website as well – we ask your patience on this based on the fact we have to manually enter them. Full Schedules available below

South Shore Conference Schedules www.sschockey.org

MPDHL  ( National Bound teams U14, U16, U18)    www.mpdhl.com

Presidents League  http://yankeeconferencehockey.com/Schedule.asp?org=yankeeconferencehockey.com


  • There has been some player movement; any questions on that go to the BOD or the Hockey office please don’t ask your coach or the coach of another team if your son or daughter can move. It’s not the coaches’ decision so again please just reach out to any BOD or Bob Roche in the office with questions.


  • Our Newsletter will have another issue coming out in the coming month so be on the lock out for that.


Any questions/concerns  on anything at all please reach out to me at or any other Board member. (All BOD are listed on the website with contact information).



Good luck this season but most of all have fun and enjoy it

Matt Gibbons


                   Board Members

Jessica Maher VP             Tim Walsh VP

Ralph Richardson             Jim O’Leary

Tony Scola                      Ken Larsen

Mark McMillen                 Brian Gates

Steve MacPherson           Mike Hussey


Bob Roche- QYH   

Michelle Stenberg – QYA

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Payments Due
by posted 09/10/2014

Just reminder payments are due to the hockey office ASAP

(per registration payments were due in full by September 1st)


Emails are being sent out with balances owed

No payments will result in players being removed from the ice

Please contact Bob Roche in the hockey office



Thank You


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Quincy Youth Hockey Season Update
by posted 08/19/2014

We would like to welcome everyone to the 2014-2015 hockey season ! 


Below are a few updates and notes for the upcoming season - the schedule is posted online from September to December

if you have trouble reading it or finding anything please let me know. 


Family Day 

Family Day will be a kick off event at the rink (not at pageant field like in years past) 

     Saturday September 13th 9:00am - 12:30pm 

     Face Painting 


     Jumping Houses  and much more 

We will also be having an equipment swap/donation table set up. Bring your old equipment and pick something up that you can use. 

Following Family Day we will have a link on the website where you can sell/buy/donate old equipment. 


House League 

You can still sign up for House League 

       Games only or practice and games 

       We also want to reach out to any player who plays outside the program and invite those players to play house league 

       please reach out to Bob Roche with any questions qyha@aol.com 

House league should be a fun experience for the kids and at the same time continuing to improve. 


September House League practice will be run by Pro Edge Skills 


ALL September Game times will be CROSS ICE 

       Mite / Squirt Teams will be split up in the locker rooms before game times 

       Middle School Teams will be broken up by Last Name and we will post those splits a week before the start of games 

       House league teams/game schedules will be posted during September 





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