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Middle School Championship Photos
by posted 04/14/2014


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QYH Hockey Alumni Johnny McInnis
by posted 04/14/2014



QYH Alumni Johnny McInnis just finished off a 4 year career at Minnesota State 

which he was named Captain for his final season and lead his team to the NCAA College Hockey Tournament. 

Johnny just made his professional debut just weeks after playing in his final college game with the AHL's Lake Erie Monsters. (Colorado Avalanches minor league team) 


Congrats to Johnny and his dad Jack 


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by posted 04/09/2014

QYH Update /Board Meeting Notes 


This past Monday night was the Board of Directors meeting to place the new board based off your election votes. 

Congrats are in order for, in no particular order: 

Ralph Richardson 

Ken Larsen 

Brian Gates 

Mike Hussey 


After we introduced the new board for the next coming year we then nominated and voted for; Clerk, Treasurer, President, 

1st VP and 2nd VP. (Once the board is seated board members nominate and vote for these positions) 


Current 2014-2015 Board of Directors (all volunteer positions)

Clerk: Maura Doherty (non voting member) 

Treasurer: Tom Maloney (non voting member) 

President: Matt Gibbons 

1st VP - Jessica Maher 

2nd VP - Tim Walsh 

Ralph Richardson

Kenny Larsen

Brian Gates

Steve MacPherson

Mark McMillen

Tony Scola

Mike Hussey

Jim O’Leary




Updates Regarding Teams and Coaches from the Board Meeting April 7th  


As a group - based on who applied - the board voted on Head coaches for the 2014-2015 season. Once those positions are confirmed we will post those coaches with their teams on the webpage under TEAM TAB (this process will hopefully be completed by the weekend). 

Thanks to everyone who applied and even if you are not a Head Coach that doesn't mean you can't help out - just reach out to the named coach and express that interest. 



I thought I needed to touch on this– regarding the process. Some of you will remember how this was done in the past; one evaluator to rank 1-50 in 2 one hour sessions….. impossible! Then coaches would pick their teams and compare it to the 1 evaluators list and rankings and as long as they were close there was no questions. Last year and this year each head coach submits player evaluations to Bob Roche at the end of year, the evaluators who have over 100 years of Hockey experience with no attachments to the program and each has been coaching an evaluating from mites to high school. They then moved kids from hour to hour so players of same/closeness of ability can be compared and matched up against one another.  We have even added an extra hour of ice the past two years of tryouts so the evaluators can take a look at the A/B bubble kids and make a fair evaluation and decision on those players.  Each player was given a fair and honest tryout. Finally, as always the Board reviews and oversees the results and votes to approve teams.  

When it comes to this time of the year to post all the teams, it is very difficult for everyone involved – kids, parents, and board members.  No one wants anyone to get upset, but we understand it happens.  I wanted to communicate that there is no perfect way to do this, but the way we do this is 100 times better than how it has been done in the past. I would ask that the communication at home is honest about the process.  I would hope the conversation is let’s work even harder, lets prove those guys, girls, evaluators, whoever wrong.  If you think you should be on a higher team...then prove all those people wrong. Instead of making excuses lets turn it into a teaching moment and that goes for the kids who made that A team or might be that bubble kid, they need to continue to earn those spots.  It also go for the parents who talk negatively in front of those kids and sours their kid’s attitudes. At the end of the day all that matters is how much FUN are they having and are they continuing to improve. Lets work together in doing this.


Midget Hockey

Why hasn't a team been posted? - Only 9 kids signed up for Midgets. The Proposal below is an email sent by Tim Walsh to Midget Players: 

I am reaching out to all of you to see if you are interested in playing again next season for Quincy in the Presidents League. We are trying to determine how many teams we should have in the league for next season. Also, regarding Midget hockey for next season. A proposal has been discussed to make the President's League Team also the Midget Team in the South Shore Conference. We would have a President's practice during the week, as well as a Presidents Game on Sunday. We would also have a Midget game on either Saturday or Sunday from September through November. Once we get the number of kids committed, we will proceed from there. If you would please let me know what your plans are for next season it would be greatly appreciated. Have a safe Spring and Summer, and hopefully I will see everyone next season. Sincerely Tim Walsh  


Please reach out to Bob Roche or Tim Walsh if you are interested. We need to commit to a Midget team by April 13th. Time is of the essence. 


Girls Hockey: 

The Board also discussed the girls hockey program and felt strongly that a girls program is needed in Quincy.  In order for the program to succeed, girls must be registered on the website by April 13th.  An email was sent out (see below) to interested players and requested that they register ASAP and also forward his email to any one else that might be interested.  Anyone that has questions about this program can email Bob Roche or myself.


Email that was sent –(I attach because I know I didn’t reach everyone):

I wanted to send an email out regarding the girls program. 
I recently got an email saying that there was a rumor that QYH was going to "get rid" of the girls program. That is not true, we are trying to build the program at the girl level as well at the boy level. BUT the issue we have as a board is we need to make decisions on teams by April 13th, we need to submit all teams playing in the SSC making our commitment to the league. 
I have also heard that we only focus on the boys and don't care about the girls ... again not true. I am very frustrated by this because I believe we have made efforts to get the girls program going, especially this year. The girls were the only group that didn't have to submit a payment online, we just asked if you had interest to sign up. The U19 girls did sign up and we will have a team, other than the U19s we only received 8 registrations. Then at tryouts there was 16 total girls for U12 and U14 combined. 
So I hope you can understand my frustration when I am now getting emails asking why would we every get rid of the girls program, we can't have a team if no one signs up. We can't commit to ice and a league when no one signs up. 
So I am asking you if you haven't already done so PLEASE if you are interested in playing for U12 or U14 to sign up online. And PLEASE forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in playing. I need your help in this to get these girls signed up and commitment. 
This is very time sensitive, like I said we need to submit teams to SSC on April 13th so we will need everyone to sign up by Friday. 


Summer Hockey

QYH would like to continue mitey mites/learn to skate throughout the summer. Please look for more info on this in the coming weeks on the website as well as communicated through Bob Roche and the Hockey office. We are hoping to add to this idea, just trying to secure ice. If and when this happens it will be communicated ASAP.



Moving forward we will be posting Board of Directors bullet points from each meeting. We ask that if you have any idea, thoughts, and proposals for the program you please forward those along to any of the board members so we can present those ideas and thoughts at our next meeting. 


The next meeting is May 6th where we will be talking about goals for next season, filling committees (those committees will be posted online - if you are interested in helping with any of those please let me know), more topics will come up in the next couple weeks that we will need to address. Look for those notes every month. And again please DO NOT hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts and ideas!!!!! 


My last point  - I have heard the phrase “the talk around the glass is…”  to much this past season, I have also heard people don’t want to come to the board because they don’t want to hurt their kid. PLEASE PLEASE do not feel this way, that is NOT the practice or should be the practice of anyone involved in this program. If there are issues, questions, concerns that come up – just email me, or grab me down the rink. If I can’t answer it at that time, then I will find out the answer for you. (Sorry I will get off my soap box now).


I am sorry for the length of this email/post but I wanted to try and communicate as much as I could in one place. We are looking into created a monthly newsletter, which we think will help with the overall communication within the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 


I will post summer camps that will be at the rink in the coming days as well. 


Thank you so much for being part of this program 

Matt Gibbons 

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by posted 04/07/2014



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U16 Team
by posted 04/05/2014

U16 Team 


Kevin McDonald             Owen Lynch 

James O'Leary               Adam McCormack 

Corey Hernandez           Cam White 

Jo Jo McArdle                Riley Frechette 

Austin Lee                     Chris Connolly 

Matt Fox                        Gregg Selbert 

Phil Chomicki 

John Feeney 

Max Durham 

Mike Stack 

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Squirt A- B and B2
by posted 04/03/2014

Coaches will be announced after the Board of Directors Meeting on Monday April 7th 

I apologize in advance for any misspelled names 


Squirt A Team 

Luke Lamonica 

Andrew Furguson 

Michael Richardson 

Timmy Kelly 

Barry Page 

Nick Buccella 

Cam Quigley 

Will Martin 

Joe Hennessey 

Colin Gates 

Maggie Lynch 

Patrick Fox 

Tommy Murphy 

Tyler Larsen 

Liam Rodgers 

Lucas Hooley 



Squirt B Team 

Ryan Beardsley

Teddy Lynch 

Brady O'Connor 

Dave Dantona 

Nick Ferrara 

Vincent O'Leary 

Sam Civiello 

Spencer Stebbens 

Donovan Stebbens 

Nathaniel Hall 

Andrew Novak 

Jerry Caldwell 

Sean Halley 

Brian Cahill 

Thomas Christian 

Shamus O'Toole 



Squirt B2 Teams 

Joe Evos 

Daniel Kim 

Ronan Healey 

Michael Pollastzette 

Patrick McDonald 

Tyler Holmes 

Dan Andrews 

Sean Andrews 

Quinten Van Dam 

Jack Pickering 

Adian Fleming 

Seamus Sterling 

Nate McMillen 

Owen O'Handley 

Maddie Bailey 

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U18 Team
by posted 04/03/2014

U18 Team 

Forwards:   Defense:
  Timmy Glynn   Kevin Curley
  Patt Freeman   Frank Cosolito
  Aaron Clancy   Matt Monahan
  Paul Hardiman   Brendan Beale
  Zack Sullivan   James Hussey
  Cameron Sullivan   Matt McDonald
  Anthony Pannagio    
  Bryan O'Callahan    
  Owen Hurley    
  Mike Finn    
  John Ross McEvilly     
  Robbie Cameron    
  Ryan Higgins    
  Mike Zanini

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Travel Teams News
by posted 04/03/2014

Travel Teams have been posted   Mites - Bantams 


Midgets and Girls will follow in the coming days 

U16 and U18 are still to be posted. Sorry for the delay those teams should be posted tomorrow night 

Any Questions/Issues or concerns please contact the hockey office


*Coaches will be selected on Monday April 7th at the BOD Meetings 

If you are still interested in coaching please submit an application to the Hockey office 


Following team coaches have been selected: 

Bantam A: Ralph Richardson and Jim O'Leary 

National Bound Team Coaches: 

U14 Tier 1: Doug Nolan 

U14 Tier 2 : Matt Gibbons 

U16: Billy McKeon 

U18: Matt Graziano and Bruce Maggio 

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Bantam A and B Teams
by posted 04/03/2014

Bantam A Team 

COACH: Jim O'Leary and Ralph Richardson 

Dan O'Leary 

Doug Concannon 

John Norton 

Michael Lindsay 

Jason Whalen 

Matt Keohane 

Ronan Hurley

Noah Wines 

Thomas Sullivan 

AJ Currie 

Griffin Batson 

Cormac Flaherty 

Kieran O'Driscoll 

John Riley 

Griffin Lynch 

Ryan Larsen 

Thomas Richardson 

Nolan Walker 


Bantam B Team 

Jack O'Brien 

Will Scola 

Stephen Flynn 

Nick Murray 

James Keenan

Tom MacPherson 

Matt O'Brien 

John Kamb 

Kyle Gates 

John Mariano 

Gavin Degust 

Austin Devane 

Daniel Murphy 

Matt Connolly 

Danny Kelly 

Bobby Dunn 

Caiden Valleli 

Colin MacDonald 

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PeeWee A - B and B2
by posted 04/02/2014

Coaches will be announced after the Board of Directors Meeting on Monday April 7th 

I apologize in advance for any misspelled names 


Pee Wee A Team 

Brendan Bailey 

Jack DeFranco 

Jake Lamonica 

Peyton McGaffigan 

Kaitlyn Fox 

Zach Galligan 

Tom Page 

Josh McMillen 

Ben Wines 

Asher Wines 

Quinlan Perry 

Cooper Hernon 

Chris Cabezas 

Aiden McDonnell 

Donovan Murray 

Kevin Feeney 

Charlie Maher 

Will McMillen 



PeeWee B Team 

Ryan Lawton 

Paul Martin 

Aiden White 

Brian Silcox 

Rhys Foster 

Liam Foster 

Michael Collins 

Michael Gorman 

Brody Degust 

Chase Quigley 

John Bell 

Sean O'Brien 

Riley O'Connor 

Derek Little 

Ryan Hester 

Chris Hussey 

Daniel Freeman 

Anthony Viera 



PeeWee B2 Team 

Bobby Keegan 

Patrick Hurton 

Connor Kulig 

Eric Sanders 

Robert McClelland 

Pat Walsh 

Martin O'Flathery 

Brendan O'Leary 

Riley O'Connell 

Talha Qasim 

Thomas Kelly 

Naesa O'Donnell 

Dennis Champagne 

Nick Brink 

Shayne Pittman 

Abe Earl 

Ben Synder 


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Mite A and B teams
by posted 04/02/2014

Coaches will be announced after the Board of Directors Meeting on Monday April 7th 

I apologize in advance for any misspelled names 


Mite A Team 

Phil Prioli 

Luke Geary 

Sean Murphy 

Luke Keegan 

Jack Dunn 

Orlagh Gormley 

Sam Schaff 

Liam Foley 

Ryan Ferguson 

Aiden McGuinness 

Thomas Walsh 

William Buccella 

Michael Campbell 

Ryan Farnham 

Shea Winters 




Mite B Team 

Sef Foster 

Connor Clifford 

Brian Buckley 

Jack Greene 

Michael Silverman 

Owen O'Callaghan 

Cole Hussey 

Coleman Quigley 

Ian Ronan 

Shea Nolan 

Katherine O'Toole 

Matt Bowes 

Paul Mederios 

Aaron McCarthy 

William Curtin 

Brayden O'Connell 

Nathan Feldman 

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Pro Edge Hockey Summer Camp
by posted 04/02/2014

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Travel Team Updates
by posted 04/02/2014


Any player selected to the Bantam A Team there will be an informational meeting TONIGHT  at 730pm IN THE MEDIA ROOM (next to rapidshot) to discuss logistics of the team and how this is all going to work. We strongly suggest ALL and ONLY parents of the Bantam A's to attend this meeting. 


Also all other teams will be posted tonight and/or tomorrow morning


Anyone that would like to be considered for a coaching position you must submit your application ASAP

Coaches will be discussed at the Board Meeting on Monday 4/7


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Michelle Award
by posted 03/10/2014


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