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South Shore Conference


Quincy Youth Hockey will be running a Mite House League this coming season - October 1st is the kick off date. 

BUT we want to offer it free for any mite who thinks they might want to participate or maybe you just want to skate a few Saturdays for free. Whatever your reason we want you to play. Saturday - September 10th, 17th and 24th 


You're a Quincy mite but your cousin who is also a mite plays for Braintree - send them the form. Any mite age kid who has a USA hockey number is welcome to participate from any surrounding town. 


We will create teams based off this registration form - try our best to make it even, if we don't we will just make trades mid game. Jerseys for the first 3 weeks whatever we can find in the closet then we will look for companies to sponsor a team - or maybe even the league ? ( send me an email if you are interested ) 


Cross Ice games - 2 games going at once 

7am and 8am games - wake up early and take on the day ! 

Music Playing - of course there will be 

The main goal here - kids walk out having had a great time and excited to come back again - its that simple. 

Again feel free to forward this to anyone you would like 


Bruins PASS Clinic - Big Success!

Bruins PASS Clinic - Big Success!

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