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COVID-19 UPDATE - Arena Closed until May 4th

With the Coronavirus the hot topic in the news and in each of our workplaces and homes, we at Quincy Youth Arena want to provide you with an update as to the status at the Arena. We are monitoring the guidelines of the CDC and WHO. We have had the arena professionally sanitized and are taking the next three weeks to make some improvements necessary in order to be totally ready when we are told we can re-open to the members. As necessary, we will continue to provide up-to-date communications to our membership. As always, we appreciate your total support. 

Michelle Stenberg and Quincy Youth Arena Board of Directors. 

National Bound Tryouts for Premier Hockey League - Postponed to May

At this time the tryouts are postponed and will not be held in April as stated below. Check back in mid-April for additional updates.

Quincy Youth Arena will host National Bound Team Tryouts for the following age groups.  All teams will play a Split Season which will run from September 1 through Thanksgiving.


Details are below.  Contact Doug Nolan ( or Jay Ronan ( with questions or concerns.  Please pay close attention to the days & times as some age groups fluctuate daily.






Quincy 67s U14 National Bound Split Team 2006 & 2007 Birth Years PHL

April 13 - 8pm

April 14 - 6pm

April 15 - 6pm


Quincy 67s U15 National Bound Split Team 2005 Birth Year PHL

April 15 - 7pm

April 16 - 6pm

April 17 - 6pm


Quincy 67s U16 National Bound Split Team 2004 & 2005 Birth Years PHL

April 8 - 7pm

April 9 - 7pm

April 14 - 7pm


Quincy 67s U18 National Bound Split Team 2003 & 2002 Birth Years PHL

April 8 - 8pm

April 9 - 8pm

April 14 - 8pm


QYH Challenges for Players & Podcasts for Players & Parents

5,000 Puck Challenge

Some of you may have already seen this, but this is always a good one to fall back on.  Have your player shoot a total of 5,000 pucks. Practice variety: wrist shots, backhands, snap shots and slap shots.  For those players who have better command of some of the shots mentioned, have them isolate targets for every 50-100 pucks they shoot daily; top corner, low blocker etc.

Keep a running tally over the next few weeks and send me an email when your player reaches 5,000.  Some of you may already keep track and have a head start; that’s totally fine. We’ll keep a list of players who complete this challenge.  You can also post their 5,000th shot on Facebook and tag QYH. We’d love it if players were wearing their QYH jerseys in their posts.

50 Puck Challenge

Some of you may have seen this as well, but this is great for stickhandling and focus.  Line up 50 pucks (or other stationary objects that won’t move; coffee cups etc) in a straight line.  You want a distance roughly 1 foot between each puck. The goal is to stickhandle between each puck down the line without touching ANY puck.  If you touch or move a puck, you start from the beginning until you make it through without touching. Most examples of this online are being done on the ice and sadly we don’t have any ice to work with.  If you do this in the street or at a park, you can stickhandle with a street hockey ball or golf ball.

Click on these links for examples.  Oh by the way goalies, you can take part as well.


The Hockey Think Tank

     Episode 89 - Mark Dennehy

     Episode 41 - Wendy Glover

     Episode 18 - Ryan Hardy

The Hockey Think Tank

Thoughts and words from the hockey community