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U6 Information

Cost: $825, if we can lower the fee we will if enough kids sign up, need at least 12 to consider lowering the price; however the price will not go up we will field a team either way, cost will remain max $825

Minimum 30 game season

(1) Practice per week

Special Events During the Season at QYA (Mini-Jamborees)

Games on same day every week (TBD either Sat/Sunday)

Games at Stoughton Every week

Game Details:

U6 Rules:

  • 1 Coach from each team on the ice to ref (we will have refs starting first weekend in November
    • no coaches on the ice  after the referees are on ice.
  • 4 on 4 on ice
  • Goalies in net, in goalie equipment
  • No offsides
  • If a player gets a penalty please just remove player from ice and have coach explain why they got a penalty.  Replace player immediately.
  • After a goal have the scoring team clear the blueline and allow scored on team to progress past the blueline.  We don’t need faceoffs after every goal.
  • 1:30 buzzer hockey.  You can do a faceoff at center ice or have them race to the puck.  That is up the coaches.
  • Only post a 6 goal differential on the scoreboard.
  • Turn in all scores to Bill Dunk  or
  • please turn in accurate scores so that divisions can be match evenly.

QYH Update as of July 15th

Registration for the upcoming 2019-2020 season is open on the link above this section


I am still waiting for confirmation from South Shore Conference regarding Girls U8 Division (not confirmed) and ability for Girls to play "up" a division if appropriate



  • For players age 14 and Under
    • Registrations for U18 and U19 will open next week
    • Registration for National Bound U16/U18 teams is separate, but there are spots still available please contact me if interested
  • Discounts will be applied post registration (includes any discounts carried over from 2018-2019 House League Refund)


Families that have contact me about assistance should hold off on registration for now, I will reach out this week to discuss details.




QYH Girls Teams for 2019-2020 Update 4/27

We may have four girls teams next year! Here is the list of registered girls whose parents confirmed "Both" on registration. We have some coordination to do over the next few weeks. I will be reaching out soon with additional requests for confirmation of that your daughters will play.

Girls U14     Girls U12     Girls U10     Girls U8  
Isabella McDonnell   Megan Caldwell   Mackenzie Ilacqua   Giuliana Monaco
Avery Kennedy   Chloe Melchin   Anna Greene   Megan Stirling
Jenna Nolan         Julia Christian   Riley Ilacqua
Cassidy Stock   Cecilia Sheehan   Lucy  Morkan   Hannah Perdios
Caroline Snyder   Kaile Campbell   Paige Schatzl   Beanie Dumas
Colleen McGrath   Siena Nichol    Anya  Coulter   Elizabeth Lee
Lindsey Packard   Cassidy  Gibbons   Caroline McGrail   Annabelle Wilson
Michaela Kelly   Lanna Wei   Molly Perdios   katherine walker
Anna Bailey   katharine o'toole   AUDREY PERRY   Katie  Holland
Ashlinn Folan   Lila Cook   Tess Ronan   Sadie Walsh
Ciara Folan   Casey Perdios   Clara Kennedy   Caroline Ronan
Torrance Ferent   Kendyl Nolan   Kaelynn Clifford   Mia Markarian
Shea Nolan   Emily Lim   Emma Enos      
Hannah Smeaton   Marissa  Palmer    Lillyanne Glorieux-Knight      
Kelly McKenna         Lily  Nichol      
            Madison Markarian      

Quincy 67's U14, U16 and U18 - Update 4/27

Notices have been sent, if you have questions please call contact me at


Teams at the U16, and U18

The Team Cost for the Season is $1250 TOTAL. 

This includes: Tuition,  Jerseys & Socks, Labor Day Tournament, League Games and Practices.


When you register, make the initial deposit of $250 to hold your spot, then choose payment plan. The registration site says payments begin May 1 but I will change this to July 1.


This current setting is locked in by Sports Engine and only they can change it. I will work with them this week to change the payment schedule.

2019-2020 Travel Team Updates

Team placement for U8-U10-U12 "Coed" teams noted below...U14 parents please check your email. If you did not receive one please contact me @


If your child is not listed please contact me (857-939-5735). It's not intentional and it happens, I'll be available after 8:30am tomorrow 4/27, call me and I will make the updates right away. There are several girls whose parents selected "Girls Only" on the registration link. If you feel as though your daughter should be listed or have changed your mind and would like your daughter to play coed as well as girls team, please call before panicking :)


U6 team will be posted tomorrow, everyone who registered is on the team, I look forward to hosting this team, a first for QYH!



We reserve the right to make adjustments as needed. We will never move a player down a level unless requested by a parent however we could possibly split up a team if the rosters grow too large. These lists are based on who was registered and who tried out in April. Between now and September any number of factors could result in the Board having to split one team into two teams or consolidate teams into one if people drop out (example: B+B2=B2).


The teams listed below are based on two assumptions: Everyone listed registers & signs up for QYH as expected in July and no "new" players register. Some rosters are at the limit, so if new players register we could split teams to accommodate. If this becomes a reality we will discuss this with Parents before making any changes. This is a disclaimer, I don't expect this to happen but it has in the past so I need to call attention to the possibility.


Thank you again for your interest in QYH and thanks for trusting us to teach your children the game of hockey. I hope everyone was satisfied with the process this year and I welcome your feedback on how we can improve next year.



U8 (Mite) Team Placement 2019-2020 Season


A B B2
Anderson, Bernie Barrios, Finn Dumas, Christopher
Cappellano, Landon Bryan, Teddy Healy, Kellan
Clougher, Ryan Campbell, Ryan Holland, Katie
Driscoll, Aidan Chan, Kurtis Hsu, Grant
Grazioso, Jack Dollard, Jack MacDonald, Jack
Ilacqua, Riley Dumas, Keira McCloskey, Nolan
Lavey, Brian Enquist, Thomas Messing, Gabriel
Mackey, Joe Gilson, Teagan Monaco, Giulliana
McLaughlin, Charles Healy, John Ritter, Max
O'Connell, Daire Powers, Thomas Ronan, Caroline
Stirling, Megan Rychalsky, Alexander Tan, Bentley
Stone, Charles Vieth, Collin Walsh, Sadie
Troup, Robert Vinitsky, Max Wei, Alex
Bolton, Ethan Vinitsky, Michael Wilson, Annabelle
  Walker, Katherine  
  Tetreault, Danny  

U10 (Squirt) Team Placement for 2019-2020 Season


A B B2
Brophy, Aidan Altavesta, Sal Boyd, David
Bryan, James Clifford, Kaelyn Christian, Julia
Callaghan, Aedan Coleman, Julian Cook, Nick
Ceglie, John Franceschini, Jack Devin Brothers
Cheever, Brendan Gsu, Gregory Doherty, Patrick
Curtin, Matthew Healy, Seamus Feroli, Matthew
Daru, Mark Kingsbury, Cameron Glorieux-Knight, Lillyanne
Greene, Kevin Lee, Seamus Manning-Harvey, Jackson
Grogan, Kingston Markarian, Madison McGrail, Caroline
Ilacqua, Cooper Mathewson, Michael McInnnis, Brandon
Ilacqua, MacKenzie Matthews, PJ McMillen, Sam
Jakas, Hunter McGrath, Michael O'Connell, Hayden
Lamonica, Max Mellyn, Nick O'Connor, John
Lawless, Zach O'Connell, Eoin Pavidis, Gabriel
MacLean, Quinlan Perry, Audrey Rush, Daire
Packard, Ronan Ronan, Tess Rush, Ryan
Ryan, Miles Tatem, Braedyn Sheehan, Keiran
  Morkan, Lucy Zhang, Eric


U12 (PeeWee) Team Placements for 2019-202 Season

A B B2
Bryan, Patrick Borgeson, Henry Borkowski, Lucius
Clifford, Connor Garrett, Travis Cavicchi, Michael
Curtin, Joe Griffin, Andrew Clifford, Patrick
Dantona, Joe Hurley, Luke Coulter, Elliot
Ferguson, Ryan Hussey, Cole DellaBarba, John
Hennessey, Lincoln Levine, Ollie Lebo, Nate
Leiman, Cameron McCarthy, Aaron Manning-Harvey, Ian
Lim, Emily McDonnell, Austin Nichol, Siena
MacNeil, Joe Morgan, Cameron Sheehan, Cecilia
McGrail, Colin Morgan, Christopher Sheehy, Chris
Quigley, Coleman Perry, Roan Silverman, Liam
Ronan, Ian Wei, Lanna Stone, Patrick
    Wong, KinJia
    Wong, KinYuan
O'Connell, Brayden (G) Francis, N (G) Bolton, Nolan (G)

Coaches Application for 2019 - 2020 - Live!

If you are interested in coaching for Quincy Youth Hockey in the upcoming season please register on the link provided below.


Please be aware that coaches will be responsible for player conduct on the ice and in the locker room. Your role as coach is not only to help players build up their individual skills and learn how to be a great team player but also to ensure that the kids adhere to the rules of the game and the code of conduct we expect from our players. You can expect to commit at least 3 hours per week in this role. (Practices, Games and coordination activities)




Thank you to Bob Roche

Bob Roche has decided to step down as Director of Quincy Youth Hockey effective April 12th, 2019. Over the past seven years Bob has been passionate about the program and has brought many smiles to the kids faces.  The most recent Learn to Skate program had over 200 kids enrolled; many towns would be jealous to have those numbers. In reality a commitment to QYH comes with sacrifice and at this time Bob wants to spend more time with his family. We thank Bob for his time and dedication to the program and wish him well in future endeavors.

If you have any questions about the changes or about the future direction of QYH please contact me @


John MacNeil

Present QYH - 2018-2019