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QYH Weekly Schedule September through November

TIME MONDAY Player Count TUESDAY Player Count WEDNESDAY Player Count THURSDAY Player count
4:00PM 6U Skills/Team 10 8U COED Skills 40 8UB Team 15 8UB2 Team 15
          8UA Team 15 10UB2 Team 15
5:OOPM 10U GROUP 1 Skills 40 G12U/14U Skills 30 10UA Team 15 10UB Team 1 15
          12UA Team 15 10UB Team 2 15
6:00PM 10U GROUP 2 Skills 20 14U Boys Skills 40 14UA Team 15 12UB Team 15
  10U Girls Team Half Ice 10     14UB Team 15 12UB2 Team 15
7:00PM 12U All Boys Skills 40 16U Boys Skills 40 18U Midget Boys 20 14U 67s Full Ice 15
          18U Pres Leag 20    
8:00PM G12U Team 12 18U Boys Skills 40 16U 67s Full Ice 20 19UGHS 18
  G14U Team 20            
9:OOPM Mens League 25 Mens League 25 18U 67s Full Ice 20 Quincy Clams 25
  10U Group 1 = Last name I through Z              
  10U Group 2 = Last name A through H              

Quincy 67's a.k.a "National Bound"

If you are looking to register for the half season National Bound program, teams called Quincy 67's, please visit the page for that registration. It is located at the top of this website


Registration for Quincy Youth Hockey teams playing in the South Shore Conference is listed below.


Greetings Members of QYH

I hope this message finds you well. Please read this as it contains details on the upcoming season. Plans can change based on State and Local guidelines but at this time we are expecting to re-open the arena in late August. We need people to register so we can begin making plans for teams and setting ice schedules. As of July 20th we only have enough players registered to offer the following teams:

  • U8 A&B
  • U10 A&B
  • U12 A
  • U14 B


What about 6U, High School & Girls teams?

At this time we don’t have enough players registered for U6 or the High School levels. We also do not have enough girls registered for “Girls Only” teams. If you’re interested in playing on one of these teams we need you to register between now and July 31st otherwise we will not be offering a team at these levels in 2020-2021



Re-opening plan for the Arena & tryout schedule

  • August 3rd – Arena Board meets to finalize re-opening plan, including any restrictions and conditions taken into consideration under current guidelines from State and Local officials
  • August 4th – Hockey Board to review Arena plan and confirm go/no-go on 2020-21 season
  • August 10th – Official announcement regarding re-opening plan. If the plan is approved the Arena staff will begin cooling the ice surface on Monday the 10th
  • August 24th – Anticipated date of re-opening, ice surface ready for skating
  • August 25th, 26th, 27th – Tryouts for all levels of QYH
  • August 28th - National Bound teams begin practice
  • September 1st – Season opens for registered members of QYH; First session of skills
  • September 4th/5th/6th – Start date for games for SSC and NB – pending State Approval



Registration is open until July 31st.

After this date you will no longer be allowed to register for travel hockey for Quincy


What happens if I don’t register before July 31st?

Your child will not be able to play travel hockey for Quincy this year


Why do we have to register by July 31st?

QYH needs to make a commitment to the South Shore Conference in terms of # of teams so that they can make schedules etc. The South Shore Conference fees are 7-9k per team for full season and 4k for half season. We cannot afford to “hope to fill” rosters. We need to plan for the season based on the numbers confirmed on August 1st. We also must set the schedule for QYH for the season. Whatever ice time is not required as of August 1st will be sold to other programs/leagues. This will help the Arena recover operating expenses. The Arena is a privately owned facility, there are no public funds available to support the operating expenses of the Arena.


What about House League?

Openings for house league will be on first come first serve basis. Current members of the program will be given priority over non-registered members. House League availability will be determined by ice schedules and restrictions in place because of COVID. We do expect to offer a House League but the format and schedule are TBD.


What happens if Hockey is shut down? Or the season is cancelled prior to September 4th?

Please review our refund policy, all contingencies are covered. We have a full refund policy in place for cancellations and shutdowns. If a shutdown order is issued mid-season, the costs will be prorated based on consumption to date.


What happens if games are not allowed but “infra-squad scrimmages” and practices are allowed?

On August 4th we will meet to discuss the options, which include hosting “small ice drills” in 3v3 format, limiting the number of players on the ice but still allowing competitive, team based play. There are many options available. Our refund policy should provide some level of comfort in terms of recovering payments made should you decide to withdraw prior to September 1st.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Season

It's been a long few months and we are ready to get back to playing hockey. Registration is open, please visit the link below to register for the upcoming season. Before you register please read the important notes about the registration process, refund policy and special considerations for the upcoming season.


As of July 6th Ice Hockey is still categorized as "High Risk" with restrictions in place stating no games. At this time our plans have not changed, we are moving forward with preparation for a full season. Our refund policy and registration process are well thought out and designed to be flexible in the event there is a shutdown. 



  1. Registration will close on July 31st. It is critical that you register before the 31st. In 2019 over 30 players registered after the start of the season. While we accommodated every request it was unfair to other families who registered early. Why? Because we added players to rosters and some teams ended up having too many players which reduced playing time and also resulted in crowded skills /practice sessions. We have to plan schedules far in advance, we need to know how many teams we will have so we can allocate ice accordingly and we need to know how many skills sessions to plan for. If someone does not register before July 31st they will be placed on a  waiting list. This applies to all ages levels. 
  2. Payment Schedule - deposit of up to $1 required on all transactions, non-refundable. Payments will begin July 14th and conclude March 14th. We broke down this schedule as much as possible to make it easier on families. If you register after July 14th your first payment is already due. After the 14th if you choose payment plan on exit you will have to pay $1 + the first months payment
  3. Refund Policy - full tuition refund (minus $1 deposit per player) is available up to September 1st. Should you change your mind and decide you do not want play we will refund your tuition paid for July/Aug. After September 1st there will be no refund but we will stop processing payments. After September 1st we are locked in in terms of cost paid out to other programs in preparation for the season.
  4. Outstanding Balances - twenty families have not paid any dues for last year and seventeen families have partial tuition outstanding. An email was sent out in June  to everyone that had a balance due and only half the families responded. Any balances due will be carried forward and invoices will be sent out monthly. Please contact Jay Ronan if you have any questions.
  5. Voting for Board Members - we have four seats up for election, voting takes place at the end of the registration process. One family/one vote. Results will be kept confidential and limited to three members of the Arena Board who will oversee the process.
  6. We will offer a house league this year but unlike the past three years there will be a cost for the program separate from the travel registration. At this time we cannot provide any details as we have to wait for travel registration to complete before determining which hours can be allocated to House league. We plan to start House League in November, sooner if possible
  7. We plan to re-open the rink by the end of August, conducting some limited tryouts and practices sessions prior to setting rosters. The Quincy Youth Hockey and  Arena Boards of Directors will convene the first week in August to finalize plans for reopening and we should have an announcement with full details ready by August 10th. This will provide families with enough time to review the guidelines for participation and their decision to register, in time to request a refund if desired.
  8. Jerseys -  We are buying stock Jerseys this year with the classic QYH Logo. All teams will have numbers 1-20, #30 for the goalie. This was the format for many years and in light of COVID we decided to revert to this format as safety net. Typically we spend $45,000 per year on Jerseys and the planning begins in June. We could not follow the same process for sizing and as such could not afford to buy custom jerseys in advance. When we make our announcement on the 10th of August it will include final decision on how we include players names, jersey assignments etc. The details are still being discussed.
  9. Coaches registration will open in August. Everyone interested in coaching has to register and sign waivers. In light of COVID we expect major changes to how coaches are expected to run practice, manage the bench during games and the locker-room pre-game routine. We expect to have all the details confirmed by August and will send out an email and post to Facebook when the link is open. Simply put - some people may not want the responsibility this year. We can't assume all coaches will return and do not want to make any assumptions until all the details regarding responsibilities are confirmed.
  10. Club Team Discount is now available on checkout, choose age-level, club team option. We will require proof of enrollment as a full time player by September 1st. If you are on the roster for the 14U National Bound team you qualify for the club discount.

What to Expect When You Return to the Rink

From what we know now we can expect the following, at least through the opening and start of the season. Of course anything can change and we will adjust our policies and process accordingly. We hope to be able to return to normal but we are planning for the restrictions in place now.


Keep in mind that during Skills sessions we have as many as 125 people in the rink at one time. During  split ice Mite games  we have over 250 people in the building during the transition from one game to the next. No where in the rules at this moment is any of this allowed. So we are patiently waiting for final guidance prior to the start of the season. We expect to communicate the details on August 10th.


Examples of requirements and restrictions in place now:

  • Adults entering the rink will have to physically sign a waiver for themselves as well as their children before the start of the season
  • Separate doors for entry/exit
  • Staggered Ice hours (5pm practice ends 5:50, next one starts 6:10). Everyone must be out of the rink before anyone can enter
  • Locker rooms closed
  • Dress before you enter, only skates and helmets can be put on in the rink
  • One adult per child attending practice/games


QYH Challenges for Players & Podcasts for Players & Parents

5,000 Puck Challenge

Some of you may have already seen this, but this is always a good one to fall back on.  Have your player shoot a total of 5,000 pucks. Practice variety: wrist shots, backhands, snap shots and slap shots.  For those players who have better command of some of the shots mentioned, have them isolate targets for every 50-100 pucks they shoot daily; top corner, low blocker etc.

Keep a running tally over the next few weeks and send me an email when your player reaches 5,000.  Some of you may already keep track and have a head start; that’s totally fine. We’ll keep a list of players who complete this challenge.  You can also post their 5,000th shot on Facebook and tag QYH. We’d love it if players were wearing their QYH jerseys in their posts.

50 Puck Challenge

Some of you may have seen this as well, but this is great for stickhandling and focus.  Line up 50 pucks (or other stationary objects that won’t move; coffee cups etc) in a straight line.  You want a distance roughly 1 foot between each puck. The goal is to stickhandle between each puck down the line without touching ANY puck.  If you touch or move a puck, you start from the beginning until you make it through without touching. Most examples of this online are being done on the ice and sadly we don’t have any ice to work with.  If you do this in the street or at a park, you can stickhandle with a street hockey ball or golf ball.

Click on these links for examples.  Oh by the way goalies, you can take part as well.


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